TRA Proposes Changes to BNET’s Reference Offer Process and Deployment Targets; Aiming to Further Enhance Connectivity and Bahrain’s Global Competitiveness

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October 31,2023

As part of its commitment to ensuring a well-connected Bahrain, and maintaining world-class telecoms infrastructure, the TRA published Consultation Papers proposing changes to key aspects of Bahrain Network (BNET)'s current deployment targets and Reference Offer process. To sustain Bahrain’s global competitiveness, The TRA proposes to enhance BNET’s service accessibility at prices that are fair and reasonable.

These Consultation Papers underscore TRA’s ambition of ensuring ultra-fast fibre services are available to all consumers and businesses. To achieve this, the TRA is proposing clear deployment targets for BNET, aimed at enhancing fibre availability for everyone. Additionally, the TRA aims to streamline the amendment and approval process for Reference Offers, promoting a simpler, faster, and more efficient approach.

Philip Marnick, General Director of the TRA, commented “We are committed to creating a competitive and consumer-centric environment that ensures everyone can get the fibre services they need at attractive prices. We are also committed to ensuring Bahrain continues to be the leading telecoms market in the region and a global leader. The proposals offer a streamlined approach benefiting telecom operators enabling them to meet market demand. It also ensures that consumers enjoy a wider range of reliable and high-quality services. We firmly believe that enhancing the telecoms ecosystem will contribute to Bahrain's economic growth and prosperity, while fostering a more vibrant and competitive telecommunications market.”

In parallel, the TRA is inviting stakeholders to participate in a workshop. The objective of the workshop is to facilitate an open dialogue and promote a shared understanding regarding the future economic regulation of BNET, before formally consulting on the regulatory model that best serves a competitive telecom sector. Enabling the sector to continue ensuring Bahrain is one of the best places to establish and operate a business, has world leading broadband services and supports mobile operators ability to deploy the latest services.

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