The Wireless Licensing, Frequencies and Monitoring Directorate (WLMFD) is aiming to ensure the rational, fair, efficient, economical use of the frequency spectrum while continuing to support growth, sustainability and ensure long-term spectrum availability for all radiocommunication services, which is a limited natural resource with increasing demand from a large and growing number of services such as fixed, mobile, public telecommunication, broadcasting, maritime, satellite, emergency communications, meteorology, global Positioning and environmental Monitoring.

WLFMD conducts the studies and adopts recommendations related to radiocommunications issues to create appropriate conditions for the coordinated development and effective operation of existing communications systems, strengthening the broadband networks infrastructure and flexibility for future expansions and new technological developments based on the information and communications technology, taking into account the needs of all concerned parties with the encouragement and development of the telecommunications industry to create an attractive environment for investors in the field. The directorate also works to ensure free from harmful interference in radio communication systems.

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